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Every Agent is part of our global Invisible team. We work together to get work done! Along your work-sharing journey, you’ll have the opportunity to grow bonds and connections with your teammates and our global Invisible Agency.

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Respected companies from numerous industries trust Invisible’s Agency to run their processes. Explore the different kinds of work available  to you. Not experienced in these areas?

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What is RBP (Result Based Pay) ?

Agents working on projects that are classified as RBAP, earn based on their own results or output. If you manage to hone your craft and perform well consistently you will be able to increase your earnings. It’s our way of rewarding individuals for mastering their craft.

Does Invisible charge any service charge on payments?

Invisible charges no fees to its agents.

Can I use another payment method to receive my salary other than Wise?

At present Wise is our preferred supplier for payments globally. However, we do offer training on how to set up a Payoneer account to link to Wise, if Wise is not offered in your country. We are working on offering additional payment platforms as well!

Am I able to move into other teams or projects?

Yep! We have internal processes in place and there is definitely scope for internal mobility provided there is another project available and you’re performing well in your role.

Does Invisible offer training and development?

100%, we are firm believers in developing everyone that works for us. We want to give Agents access to functional training and training materials to not only allow them to improve their skills in the projects they work on, but beyond that as well. We want to give you the skills to constantly work on more complex projects and tasks as well as soft skills that also aid in professional and personal growth.

Why do I need to provide my internet speed?

It’s something we check to make sure you have enough wifi bandwidth to access our platform and other tools we use internally without major interruption. Our typical guideline is a minimum download speed of 15 Mbps and an upload speed of 5 mbps.

What time zone would I be expected to work?

Most of our Agents work US PST or US EST time zones. There are some projects that operate on different time zones and they are usually stated on the job descriptions.


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