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Hi there, I’m Viz! Welcome to Invisible.  My trusty Task Wizards and I will help you succeed throughout your Worksharing journey.
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Welcome to your virtual workstation, where all the magic happens!  Complete and get new tasks, stay informed, and take training here!
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Respected companies from numerous industries trust Invisible’s Agency to run their processes. Explore the different kinds of work available to you.

Not experienced in these areas? No worries! Our training and experienced team will make you Invisible’s next experts.

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Data Extraction
Our Agents go through files and images where data is stored, remove it, and return it to our clients in the desired format.
Inbox Management
Inbox Management
Our Agents file, sort, label, screen, and view the inboxes on various platforms that our clients use so they can stay organized and informed.
Menu Creation
Our Agents take images & files of restaurant menus, extract and format the menu data, and upload the results so customers can order food from those restaurants online.
Data Enrichment
Our Agents take data sets provided by our clients, fill in anything missing, and then return it in a manner that’s now easy to understand.
CRM Management
Our Agents  maintain our client's customer relationship processes so they can run their business and personal networks.
Contact Enrichment
Contact Enrichment
Our Agents take incomplete contact lists provided by our clients and fill in the requested gaps in the data.

Interested in Something Else?

Check out our Internal Teams

Invisible has plenty of work opportunities running our own company than just completing processes for our clients! Learn about the internal teams and work available to our Agency.
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Click on the photos to learn about these stellar Agents!
Joanne Golib
Training Team Lead

What is your role on Invisible’s Training Team?

Team Lead.

What does that role entail? What are your responsibilities?

My team and I are in charge of creating training materials that are designed to prepare new Agents to join Invisible’s workforce.

What is your favorite part of being a Trainer with Invisible?

Watching new agents level up as they learn new skills and become more confident in their abilities. 

What is the most exciting thing you have learned on the Training Team?

There is no process that is too complex for our team to learn and run. The sky's the limit.

What advice would you give someone interested in joining Invisible’s Training Team?

Don't be a rock, be a sponge! Have an open mind and be ready to absorb as much knowledge, wisdom, and information as possible from other team members. Being a trainer at Invisible is all about being quick on your feet, learning new processes, training new agents, and motivating them to reach their full potential.

Joanne Golib
Our Training Team runs hands-on Agent training, ensuring they learn the processes necessary to succeed when first joining us.
Omobolaji Popoola
Software Engineer

What is your role on Invisible’s Engineering Team?

I work as a Software Engineer on the ACE (Automations and Client Engineering) team.

What does that role entail? What are your responsibilities?

My developer role entails that I build robot-like solutions for interacting with web pages. In simple terms, I make life easier for the operations team by automating manual processes. If a client needs information to be scraped from any web page, I use the necessary programming techniques to pull out data from the web, which implies that lots of manual-hours required to pull out the same data will be saved. I also create tools such as google sheet add-ons that enable operators to edit bulk sheet data in just one click.

What is your favorite part of being an Engineer with Invisible?

I love creating magic, being an automation engineer yields magical outputs. I love getting speed/accuracy related feedbacks from the operations team regarding their use of the tools I’ve built as well as getting reviews from clients regarding how much they’re impressed by the awesome results they’ve received. It deeply makes me happy knowing that I’m making an impact in Invisible.

What is the most exciting thing you have learned on the Engineering Team?

Building Google extensions using Appscript. Doing these makes me appreciate how much one click of a customized button can transform several thousands of rows on a Google sheet.

What advice would you give someone interested in joining Invisible’s Engineering Team?

Invisible is where you’d surely love to be if you’re to improve your engineering skills. Commendations are known to spur an individual to put in more effort and you can be sure to get lots of this if you really put in the work required. The cooperative efforts of team mates allows you to learn faster especially when you face tough bugs and the goal of the team is to collectively create solutions that can be simple, effective, yet mind-blowing. If these are part of what you look forward to in your next role, then feel free to apply to join ACE.

Omobolaji Popoola
Help build the future of work. Our Engineering Team creates cutting edge software and automations to solve captivating problems.
Steven Mwithi
Finance Assistant

What is your role on Invisible’s Finance Team?

I am a Finance Assistant and I joined Invisible on Nov 1, 2020.

What does that role entail? What are your responsibilities?

The role entails ensuring the finances are reported accurately. This includes ensuring proper internal controls and more specifically, involvement in Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, payroll, options and buy backs, and monthly close activities.

What is your favorite part of being a Financial Controller with Invisible?

My favorite part is having to work remotely, flexible working hours and see where the company has come from and where the company is going.

What is the most exciting thing you have learned on the Finance Team?

The Finance team is fun, agile, and very professional.

What advice would you give someone interested in joining Invisible’s Finance Team?

If you are looking to grow professionally and work with fantastic people, with a company that is growing tremendously, then this is the position for you!

Steven Mwithi
Our Finance Team keeps our books accurate and ensures our Agents are paid on time and the correct amount.
Faraz Khan
Hiring Agent

What is your role on Invisible’s Hiring Team?

By the name and designation of it I am the " Lead Agent Hire." but in action - I am the face behind most of the amazing work force that makes the very fabric of Invisible.

What does that role entail? What are your responsibilities?

I look for the talent, find it, and then hire it! My job responsibilities include keeping my eyes, ears and all sources offline and online open to hunt for the right talent that goes by the Invisible core values.

What is your favorite part of being a Hirer with Invisible?

The opportunity to be able to e-meet such diverse and talented people globally. The feeling of introducing them to this amazing company and seeing them being enabled and showered with so many opportunities and exposure makes my job and hustle worth it.

What is the most exciting thing you have learned on the Hiring Team?

Trust and patience that the management has on me to take up the biggest challenges of hiring drives makes my role so exciting and always keeps me on my toes - this allows me to break my own benchmarks every single time and I have learned to be more consistent and focused while remaining calm and poised.

What advice would you give someone interested in joining Invisible’s Hiring Team?

If you think hiring could get monotonous after some time - you are actually missing out. At Invisible we are growing by leaps and bounds and the feeling is anything but just hiring. We are creating a community here.

Faraz Khan
Our Hiring Team reaches out to future Agents like you to get them interested in Invisible and helps ensure they are a good fit for us.
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