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The Anatomy of Good Prompt Engineering

Andrew Hull
Andrew Hull

Aug 28, 2023

AI prompt engineer jobs are the hottest jobs in AI. If you're exceptional at prompt engineering, at least one company will pay you a $330k+ salary to do it. ‍
Creating effective prompts for Large Language Models (LLMs) like ChatGPT can be a complex task, as it requires a deep understanding of both the model's capabilities and the task at hand. Here is a quick guide to creating the best prompts for LLMs: ‍
Be clear and concise: LLMs perform best when given clear and concise prompts that clearly define the task and provide all necessary information.
Use natural language: LLMs are designed to work with natural language. Use it!
Provide context: Context ensures that the model can accurately interpret the prompt and generate the desired output.
Use examples: Providing examples that are representative of the desired output and provide enough variation ensures that the model can generalize to new inputs.
Use iterative refinement: Creating effective prompts often requires an iterative process of trial and error. Start with simple prompts and gradually add complexity and nuance in conversation with your chosen model until the desired output is achieved.
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Andrew Hull
Digital Marketing ManagerAndrew Hull

Andrew is the Digital Marketing Manager for Invisible. Based in Salt Lake City, he is deeply interested in researching and documenting the emerging trends in AI development and application, and how new technologies are enabling the potential of human innovators.

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