Frequently Asked Questions

Setup & Security

When can I expect automations to be involved in my process?

Automations will come into play after we have scaled up a recurring process and had success with it manually along with making the determination that the process is repetitive/streamlined enough to quality for automation.

What security measures does Invisible have in place to protect my company's privacy and security?

At Invisible, we are SOC2 Compliant and certified, and we also use software called Teramind to record all work being done by our agents, require that every operator has AWS installed on their computers, have NDA's signed by all person(s) who operate on work at Invisible, and use LastPass to ensure the safety of credentials being transferred. You can view our security policy here.

What is worksharing?

We do not create processes, we execute them. We leave the creativity and the strategy up to you because you know your business best. Our bread and butter is in assisting you with those day-to-day operations that take up hours upon end of your time and leave no room for you to do all the remaining work that you need to do. To do this effectively, we require a partnership with our clients in which they are engaged within their processes, and treat us as members of their team, providing consistent feedback, adding more work to our plates, and being invested in the long-term. The breadth of worksharing is that we believe in sharing work; it only allows room for more work to grow within your business.

What is a digital assembly line?

The digitial assembly line is a virtual process factory; where by repeating the same types of processes, we are able to create efficiencies and add in automation to certain steps of the process.

Is there anything else I should know about getting set up with Invisible?

After you have onboarded, you will gain access to a Client Portal where you can monitor the progress of your work, monitor billing, see reports, and delegate new processes, along with discovering other ways to use Invisible. Prior to starting on any process, Invisible will ensure that we have access to any necessary files, platforms and instructions that can help us execute the task to the best of our abilities.

How does sharing credentials through LastPass work?

LastPass is a free password sharing software that allows you to share passwords with us without providing us any visibility; this means that if you change the password to one of your systems without re-sharing access, we will be locked out. For more information about how to share LastPass Credentials - click here. Credentials are limited to only the team who is doing the work behind your assistant.

How do I sign up for Invisible?

Once you fill out the form, you will be assigned a sales person who can help walk you through the best plan for your needs and send you an onboarding link to help get you signed up and have you create your assistant name and delegate your first process through your Client Portal.

My Invisible Account

What if I don't see a template for the process that I want to delegate?

1.) Let us know! We want to hear this feedback.

2.) Pick the template that is the closest to the type of work you want to delegate and just use the freeform box on the right to add in any additional notes, stipulations or directions that we may not have caught within the template.

Is there a limit to the number of users that can be added to an Invisible Account?

No, there is no limit, you can add as many users as you want. We want everyone at your company to get the same value from Invisible that you do!

If I have changes, revisions or feedback on a task where should I provide that? Can I do that through Portal?

For process updates: for any processes that have been delegated through the Client Portal, you can update the process by using the “version” feature. For processes that have not been delegated through Portal or for feedback / questions specific to a process, please communicate directly with your assistant within the thread related to that specific process. It is important to communicate within the same thread.

How do I log in to my client portal?

Visit the link and sign in with the email address that you used to sign up with.

How do I add a user to the Account?

You can go the "Teams" page and click "Add User" then the user that you will add will recieve a link that they will need to verify in order to be able to access the Client Portal. Once they have verified, they will be able to use/view the Client Portal and send through delegations.

How can I view my usage and account balance?

You can view your usage trend, and account balance by visiting the Client Portal (

Can I update my payment information via my Client Portal?

Yes, you can update your payment information by scrolling to the bottom right of your Client Portal and selecting "update payment information."

Can I see expiring credits via my Client Portal?

Yes, 30 days prior to the date of expiration, your Client Portal will show you expiring credits in red.

Can I see a breakdown of my billing?

Yes - where you see "Usage & Fees" - there is an arrow on the top in where you can download a CSV report of the breakdown of your usage and fees.

My Invisible Assistant

What happens if I send a new email to my assistant?

It will be treated as a new delegation on which your assistant will take action. We please ask that you utilize the Client Portal for new delegations and use existing threads to provide feedback to your assistant.

Is my assistant a real live person?

Your assistant is a synthetic interface that you communicate with, but behind this interface, your assistant is actually powered by both human agents and machines. We select, train, and employ hundreds of remote agents from around the world. We have a 7% acceptance rate for agents who apply to join our global workforce.

How quickly can I expect a response from my assistant?

Generally, your assistant will respond with a 3 hour turn-around time, and you can always expect responses within the same day.

How fast can I expect a task to be turned around by my assistant?

It will depend on the size and scope of your task. *Please note that for any first time tasks, no matter the task, there is always extra time to set it up and plan capacity.

Can I request that my Invisible Assistant have my company's domain name?

No, unless you have signed up for an Enterprise Package, in that case, please reach out to your Account Director to inquire about more information.

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