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Optimizing Marketplace Operations

Invisible breaks down your inefficiencies, bottlenecks, and shocks to your platform and delivers breakthroughs in rapid time. Through our process engine, we can deliver outcomes in just 10 days, empowering your platform to scale unencumbered and operate efficiently.

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Enabling 233% Faster Onboarding Speed for DoorDash

The Problem

Food delivery giant DoorDash was hit with a supply shock in March 2020 as restaurant dining was shut down due to health regulations. Thousands of restaurants scrambled to be onboarded onto DoorDash, creating a massive backlog of menus needing to be made digital that their internal team wasn't equipped to handle alone.

The Solution

Invisible created a solution in just 30 days to address the backlog, combining automation, a global workforce of 200 agents, and optical character recognition technology. The solution transformed entire menus into structured data ingested by DoorDash's platform, completely ready to be published live.


• DoorDash exploded its market share from 16% to 53% from 2020 to 2023 and launched three new markets.

• We achieved a 233% increase in output, averaging 50,000 transformed SKUs within 24-36 hours.

• Unit costs of the process were reduced by over 50% through machine-enabled efficiencies.

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