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Four Reasons to Build Technology with Invisible

1. Modern Tools

Use the tools that you like working with.

Our platform is TypeScript from top to bottom, and we gravitate towards the latest and greatest. We’re avid users of NextJS, React, Prisma, NX Workspaces, and more. We love trying new things.

2. Challenging Work

Engineers say that they "aren't bored."

Our company’s product combines a marketplace platform with an automation platform. The marketplace enables independent work from 1000s of remote workers who take on piece-parts of client work requests. At the same time, our automation platform takes other parts of the work and runs it through leverageable, reusable automations. Think of it as combining Uber with UIPath. That means interesting work for engineers, like:

Building an assignment algorithm to match workers with tasks they can reliably accomplish.
Creating a client experience that makes it so easy to offload work tasks to our company that it feels like magic.
Creating a rich library of automations that unite all the most popular 3rd party platforms into a company-in-a-box starter kit for growing businesses.

3. Profitable Ownership

Get rich without selling your sovereignty.

We're profitable, growing, and making every team member wealthy. Our approach to ownership is so different from the standard VC fare that one of the most notable investors of our time tweeted about it.

20x growth in the past 2 years
Majority employee owned with no meddling VCs
May be the last straight job you ever have to hold

4. Asynchronous Agile

Agile with even fewer meetings. Build stuff.

We’re a global company, and we’re fully remote. As a result, we follow a modified scrum methodology that attempts to minimize the need for in-person, synchronous meetings as much as possible. We call it Asynchronous Agile. We run weekly sprints with a fairly typical set of agile ceremonies e.g., daily standups, weekly refinements, weekly planning sessions, biweekly retros. We expect a lot from our Product Managers — their job is to be incredibly well-organized and to document their epics and stories very clearly to set our star engineers up for success.

Current Opportunities

Full time and part-time opportunities with Invisible benefit from a culture with high autonomy.

Meet Invisible's VP of Engineering, Adam Haney