Competitive Pricing Intelligence

Dominate the Digital Shelf

Get pricing and inventory intelligence from data that drives a competitive edge for your eCommerce business.

Dynamic Pricing Intelligence

Have an eagle-eye view of scraped competitor pricing, market trends, and SKU performance for a constant marketplace edge. Integrate all of it with your existing platform, even legacy systems.

Multi-Marketplace Sync

Your customers don’t just shop on one marketplace. Efficiently manage SKUs from Amazon to Rakuten to your own D2C website at once by automating data sync between them.

Real-Time Inventory Management

Operators and machines prepare & update messy SKU data to make inventory compliant with your style guide. Even better, our teams and tech learn patterns over time to layer efficiency on consistency.

Achieving Scale and Performance Simultaneously

Our hybrid technology and people platform delivers 150,000+ SKUs within a 26-44 hour turnaround time and a 98.3% accuracy rate.


SKUs in 26 hours


SKUs a month


Accuracy Rate

Keep up with a fast moving market.

We met quality and scale benchmarks
for a major retailer and then we beat them.

Online marketplace leaders are competing to turn their online stores into the best one stop shop for consumers. This requires data to be clean and updated to generate as close to real-time pricing intelligence, to help decision makers keep up with saavy pricing management, and to enable ecosystems of value created by multi-channel marketplaces. In this world, legacy systems and inaccurate data turn into significant operational blockers to scaling rapidly.

For example, when maintaining a product catalog that integrates with a pricing intelligence workflow or tech stack, data from millions of SKUs needs to be verified, cleaned, and structured at a systems level and within brand guidelines.

We’re business process & technology experts.

People. Process. Tech. Our process-building expertise allows us to break down business operations into bite-sized steps operated on by people and technology.

“Invisible has done outstanding work that has materially increased the team’s productivity...we plan to expand our services with invisible.”
Paul Wilson
CFO at Ark Invest
“Invisible is our strategic growth partner providing us with business intelligence to expand into new markets. They exceeded our expectations in both cost and quality while improving our outcomes.”
Morgan Weber
Commercial Manager at Klarna
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