ML Model Training

Zero to One the Perfect AI Teammate.

Train a machine learning model that is
fine-tuned for your unique use case.

Train ML Datasets at Remarkable Scale

People do what tech can’t. We have the capacity to deploy hundreds of intelligent operators in months, and blow volume benchmarks out of the water -- scaling the intelligence of your model and shrinking time to launch at the same time.

Unlock the Flexibility of GPT-3

If you think GPT-3 is just for writing copy, you’re wrong. It’s use cases are nearly universal. Imagine an actually helpful chatbot, an engineering teammate that turns natural language into SQL, or a data analyst that provides intelligence briefings in seconds.

Data Quantity leads to Data Quality

Operators align with your data quality framework and evolve with it as the volume of datasets improve your model. The result: the best possible data and a lot of it.

Last Mile Algorithm Training

An AI platform came to us with a unique problem: scaling human intelligence. Invisible overcame machine limitations when other contractors couldn’t by recruiting over 200 skilled operators in 3 months, creating over 3,500 hyper-specific data-points for the model to ingest daily, and beating quality benchmarks by 10%.


Skilled data operators
recruited in 3 months


Hyper-specific data-
points created daily


Quality over
defined benchmark

We’re business process & technology experts.

People. Process. Tech. Our process-building expertise allows us to break down business operations into bite-sized steps operated on by people and technology.

“Invisible has done outstanding work that has materially increased the team’s productivity...we plan to expand our services with invisible.”
Paul Wilson
CFO at Ark Invest
“Invisible is our strategic growth partner providing us with business intelligence to expand into new markets. They exceeded our expectations in both cost and quality while improving our outcomes.”
Morgan Weber
Commercial Manager at Klarna
What if you could outsource your To-Do List?
Podcast with Invisible CEO
Francis Pedraza
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