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We'll be your last 'real job' and your first professional home.

An Elite Team

1. Ownership

Own problems and solutions, building the company and your net worth at the same time.

Invisible's partners aren't employees, we are co-owners in a profitable business. When the business loses, we lose. When it wins, we win. With meaningful company ownership comes the expectation that partners take 'extreme' ownership of company outcomes. That means partners: assume there is no one else to blame; take responsibility for problems and solutions; and commit to leading up and down the chain of command.
Partner Pay Model

2. Purpose

Create something you believe in.

We're pumped about our product. Partners believe in what we're building together.

3. Elite Team

We expect the best to deliver their best. And we help each other get there.

Partners are elite, but not in the silver-spoon sense. Many have taken totally unconventional routes to get here and tackle each next stage in their career with passion, grit, and teamwork.

4. Autonomy

Remote. Flexible. FREE.

Partners don't just co-own the company, they get sovereignty over their time. That means you can walk your dog, pick up your kids from daycare whenever you want, and take real vacations when you need them.

Why Join the Partnership


Lead from vision.

Partners are given freedom and responsibility to lead their areas. You’re continuously innovating.
Why the Partnership
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What Partners Say

Is the most meta company that needs to be built."
I think it is going to be one of the major contributors in reinventing the workforce of the future."
Unlike any place I've ever invested my heart, soul, blood and sweat in before."
Chief of Staff
Productivity gains prevent the world from turning into a zero sum rivalry game."
I like the vision, the ethics and the team. I got the environment to dream big, and build with my team mates the vision of the future of work share."
I want to change the world. Make it more efficient so that people can focus on creativity."

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