5 Ways to Reduce Burn and Burnout at Your Business

Andrew Hull

New data from Crunchbase indicates that startup funding fell even further in Q2 after a sharp decline in the first quarter of 2022.

These findings mirror concerns we heard from business leaders in a survey we conducted last month: overall, over 45% of business leaders reported feeling worried about raising a next round of funding. 

This concern snowballs into two others for decision-makers. 

1. They’re worried about cash burn because they can’t raise additional funds. 

2. They’re worried about burning out their employees because they can’t increase headcount. 

What can business leaders do to reduce both burn and burnout at their organizations? 

Here are 5 solutions: 

1. Invisible

At Invisible, we do two things remarkably well. 

We augment your existing team with a powerful blend of humans and technology called worksharing to help you accomplish business goals. Delegating rote, time-consuming tasks to us unburdens your team and enables you to instead focus on the remaining work needed to grow. 

Invisible likens this to an Ironman suit for your team. Tony Stark was brilliant; IronMan was a superhero. 

We also unlock scale for our clients. Our worksharing model not only removes burdensome processes off your plate, it minimizes your need to increase headcount and burnout your employees with evolving work. 

Once the business process is in our hands the Invisible team continuously improves the process for efficiency, manages quality, and keeps you updated the entire way. 

Here’s an example of worksharing at its best: A food delivery giant had demand double near the start of the pandemic and needed to onboard restaurants fast.

After a month, Invisible had doubled the output of existing vendors - but that wasn’t enough. 

We built tech to help automate the process and cut costs for the client by 50% in just 3 months. The result - hundreds of thousands of restaurants were onboarded onto the platform, and business boomed. 

Read more about that success story here.  

If we’re not a great fit for your needs at the moment, here are some other solutions in the marketplace: 

2. Pareto

Pareto focuses on carrying out repeatable tasks and saving businesses time. Some examples of processes that Pareto runs for clients: lead-generation, hiring (specifically for engineers), competitor research, and other data operations. 

3. specializes in automating workflows starting with spreadsheet templates. Clay’s core offerings include no-code sourcing and data-enrichment for sales pipelines and recruiting, while syncing data across platforms. 

4. TaskUs

TaskUs digitally outsources work for partners. The company’s core competency is in CX, scaling customer support teams and content moderation for growing companies, but it offers AI services and consulting as well. 

5. Tonkean

Tonkean simplifies complex workflows. The no-code solution automates tasks including legal operations processes like triaging requests, as well knowledge transfer across functions and even employee onboarding. 

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