Investing In Supply Chain: Why Invisible Is Attending Home Delivery World 2022

The Invisible Team

Invisible is investing in Home Delivery World 2022 to learn how to enable the goals of industry leaders and operators.

Home Delivery World is the industry-defining conference and exhibition for last mile logistics in the US and abroad. The show is dedicated to uncovering innovative solutions for retailers, grocers, CPGs and 3PLs facing challenges across the supply chain from warehousing to fulfillment and the last mile.

This event dives deep into the topics most important to industry leaders such as fleet and  route optimization, reverse logistics, on-demand delivery, parcel spend, and white glove.

The State of Supply Chain 

Supply Chain leaders are facing intense pressure to rapidly innovate, reduce costs, and increase market share. The global pandemic and related supply chain disruptions only exacerbated the trend. 

Home Delivery World has the following business-critical conversations on the agenda:

Expanding upstream fulfillment efficiencies with automation and partnerships

  • David Hollabaugh, Director, Upstream Fulfillment, The Kroger Co 
  • Jennifer Bartashus, Senior Analyst, Retail Staples, Bloomberg Intelligence 

Supply Chain Visibility: Using data to fundamentally alter consumer experience and delivery

  • Stacey Wagner, Vice President and Chief Experience Officer,
  • Hunter Saklad, Chief Supply Chain Officer, Sleep Number
  • Mark Irvin, Chief Supply Chain Officer, Best Buy

Rise of the robot – integrating manual and automated workforces

  • Jeff Burnstein, President, Association for Advancing Automation
  • Nathan Ray, Director, DC Operations, Albertsons Companies
  • Essam Sarwani, Dir. Warehousing & Fulfillment, Eileen Fisher Inc
  • Stephanie Cannon, SVP,  Global Platform & Network, Pitney Bowes

Startups vs Goliath: The battle for the ultrafast food delivery market

  • Brittain Ladd, Global Supply Chain Expert, GMU Center for Retail Transformation
  • Barnaby Montgomery, CEO,

How Invisible enables supply chain leaders and operators 

Leaders are leveraging Invisible’s next-gen, tech-enabled outsourcing service to scale operations, cut costs, and support their teams. This minimizes their need to hire and burn out teams with evolving work.

Picture a Continuous Improvement pod dedicated to each core function or manager. Our clients' teams can focus on work that adds unique, strategic value. Invisible will focus on making their workflows better, faster, and cheaper. Invisible does this by productizing their workflows with our flexible, virtual workforce and automation expertise. Rather than outsourcing a role or project, employees scale themselves by delegating monotonous work to Invisible. We call this worksharing. 

Invisible drives end-to-end supply chain optimization with these areas of expertise:

  • Data Operations: We give clients actionable insights from data sources that are aggregated, normalized, sanitized, then continuously enriched for an accurate source of supply chain truth.
  • Platform Automation: Achieving data readiness provides the visibility and strategic clarity required to automate end-to-end platform operations.
  • Stakeholder Experience: Invisible provides back office and white-labeled frontline, outbound and inbound assistance for dispatch, suppliers, freight, and facilities.
  • Compliance & Safety Services: We do all-things-government and insurance related when it comes to compliance. Documentation and administrative follow-up calls and emails can be managed or automated. Don’t forget support for product recalls and rejected loads.

Important headlines shaping the future of work and Supply Chain 

Meet Invisible and learn new ways to grow and scale operations at Home Delivery World 

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