So You’ve Frozen Hiring. What’s Your Next Move?

Andrew Hull

If you have put hiring on hold for at least the remainder of 2022, you are not alone. Big tech companies like Amazon and Apple are reportedly freezing some of their hiring activity, while other organizations are freezing all recruiting or even cutting staff in response to market uncertainty. 

If you’re managing a team trying to achieve lofty goals but you can’t add headcount, you might feel like growth is a pipedream. But with a strategic partner like Invisible, you can grow operations, market share, and revenue even without growing your team. 

The Tech Hiring Freeze Means Recession Signals are Mounting

Hiring freezes are symptomatic of signals of deep economic instability that came on fast. It wasn’t long ago when many companies enjoyed explosive growth pre and post-COVID which led the companies and investors to place big bets on the industry thinking that it will keep its course. 

Now, high inflation is restricting consumer spending and companies to cut costs. That economic about-face has left business leaders rattled. 

Uncertainty appears to compound as time goes on, so businesses are opening up a defensive playbook. Lowering risk by cutting budgets and putting recruiting on hold are some of the common plays. 

How to Save your Startup During an Economic Downturn

We have covered before that offense often beats defense during economic downturns. In fact, empirical reviews of past recessions show that companies that strategically invest more instead of cutting costs tend to be the winners post-recession. 

A recent Harvard Business Review study concluded that after examining midsize companies during the Great Recession, “playing offense dominates playing defense,” especially when it came to growing market value and sales.  

Whether that approach is in the cards for you or not, investing in growth does not have to be a budget breaker for your team. Investing in Invisible as a strategic partner can unlock growth for your business without having to increase headcount. 

Today's Build or Buy Scenarios for Hiring Managers

Let’s explore a couple of scenarios. 

Scenario 1: 

Say you just froze hiring last week and senior leadership won't budge — you won’t be able to hire until 2023 at the earliest. But, a new business opportunity presented itself today that requires a team bigger or less busy than yours! 

What do you do? With Invisible, you say yes. 

We unlock opportunities for teams in three crucial ways: 

  1. We have 300+ off-the-shelf automation solutions to add efficiency to the task and lower the burden on your team. We do custom automation, too. 
  2. For what can’t be automated, we have a flexible workforce that’s capable of just about anything. 
  3. We continuously improve the process you delegate, adding efficiencies and solutions over time to drive down costs and drive up quality. 

And your ROI can’t be beaten. For much less than the price of the necessary long-term hires to seize your opportunity, you have a strategic partner with the agility to tackle just about any task at your disposal. 

Scenario 2: 

This time, you’re managing a team that was just told to put hiring on hold. You don’t have a game-changing business opportunity to seize, but your existing team is crumbling under the weight of its workload. 

What do you do? With Invisible, you get breathing room. 

You still have the three crucial elements that make Invisible a powerful partner above, even if your process delegation is far more scaled down. Whether you are struggling to collect, clean, or use data or you can’t respond to all of the customer support inquiries on your dashboard, we have you covered. 

Business Process Management Made Easy

Our clients tend to delegate work that falls into these buckets, but we’re no strangers to unique business needs.  And the more boring and time-consuming the work is for your team, the better. 

CX Management

Growth, partnership, and procurement leaders use Invisible to find, onboard, and manage customer & partner relationships.

Data & AI Operations

Operators and data scientists use Invisible to annotate, cleanse, create, enter, enrich, extract, label, migrate, normalize, structure, and otherwise transform data.

Platform Automations

Product, strategy, and operations leaders use Invisible to streamline end-to-end platform operations from managing inventory to closing the deal.

Compliance & Safety Services

Risk & compliance leaders use Invisible to validate identities, monitor risk, and manage government filings, reducing the administrative burden on key players.

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