Scale Your Career at a Scaling Company

Specialists come from around the world, and share a common drive to grow their career while making impact and adding value.

Scale Your Career at a Scaling Company

Specialists come from around the world, and share a common drive to grow their career development, who value job and pay stability.
An Elite Team

One to Infinity

Join a team of humans and machines building the future.
Obsess Over Specifics
Specialists are highly skilled in their respective fields. Whether it’s in PR, Design, Engineering, Sales, or other parts of the business, these opportunities make a great home for individuals who excel in their area of expertise and are looking for growth in their career
Flexible & Aggressive Comp
Want to grow your career, but are not interested or ready for the responsibilities of ownership? Specialist team members are rewarded for continuous growth. Specialists have the opportunity to grow their cash compensation as well as their experience as they grow their careers.

Engineering At Invisible

We’re a global company, and we’re fully remote. As a result, we follow a modified scrum methodology that attempts to minimize the need for in-person, synchronous meetings as much as possible.


What does Growth and Development look like as a Specialist?

We have created a comprehensive growth path for all Specialists across all departments. The primary basis of these path levels are dependent on an individual's impact and responsibility. As you continue to grow within Invisible you will also get access to additional and improved benefits. We also continue to grow our Learning & Development function, with Specialists specifically in mind, you will have access to training and education that will help you take your career to the next level!

Do you offer any benefits?

Every Specialist no matter where they are based are eligible for Paid Time Off, Paid Parental Leave & Paid Medical Leave. At present only US Specialists are eligible for Private Health Insurance, Disability & Life Insurance, however, more benefits will be added in the coming months. Depending on the level you enter the Specialist track you will also be eligible to attend certain Specialist and Team offsites.

Where is Invisible HQ?

It’s everywhere and nowhere. We are a fully remote company and have been since we were founded in 2015. We have partners that live all around the world and some that are digital nomads. No one tells a business where their offices should be, so we don’t tell you where you need to work from.

What time zone would I be expected to work?

Any time zone within PST and ET. You don’t have to be based in these time zones, but those are the hours we usually keep or expect some crossover with.


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Specialist Opportunities
Employees are not allowed. Partners are co-owners of a business.
They are ready to benefit from the rewards of ownership and also share in its burdens.