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Would you like to build a great company, founded on rich values, and brought to life through individuals committed to growing together and in Partnership?
An Elite Team

Cultivating Ownership

We’re building our company deliberately and differently.
No Employees Allowed
Partners aren't employees, they are co-owners in our profitable business. This is a uniquely awesome professional home for you if you've got an entrepreneurial streak but you don't want to start something on your own.
Meet the Partners
Partners are elite, but not in the silver-spoon sense. Many have taken totally unconventional routes to get here and tackle each next stage in their career with passion, grit, and teamwork.

Always Raising Our Series P

We chose not to raise a Series A. Instead, we raised the bar for Partnership.
Pay is transparent to anyone within or outside of the business. Partner Pay grows as the business grows.
We share an obsession. Build a great company. Own part of that great company. Equity is not a benefit, it is the cornerstone of an Ownership mentality.
No more waiting for an exit event. Our equity offers real liquidity through our internal liquidity plan. Our goal isn’t to exit, it’s to excel.


How does Partner pay work?

Partner pay is a combination of base salary and bonus opportunities, which are tied to our profitability and growth, following the principles “As the Company wins, I win.” Our pay model is tier based and inline with one of our core values, Transparency. Bonuses are tied to company performance as well as individual performance, ensuring that we reward team achievements as well as individual achievements. We are PARTNERS! No “employees” allowed. :)

How is equity at Invisible different?

Most companies that offer equity predicate the release of those funds tied to that equity on the basis of some form of exit (whether it be an IPO and a buyout). We aim to be 100% Partner owned, so our liquidity as Partners is not tied to an exit event. Instead we have a program which we cutely call the IPL (Internal Partner Liquidity) Program, which has designed a way for Partners to sell their equity back to the business at defined intervals. Equity at Invisible is meant to be real and tangible, and not controlled by an exit event!

What time zone would I be expected to work?

Any time zone within PST and ET. You don’t have to be based in these time zones, but those are the hours we usually keep or expect some crossover with.

Do you ever meet-up in real life?

We sure do. Not only do we have team and department meetups we also have an annual Partner getaway for a week where you get to hangout with the entire partnership with the purpose of strengthening team bonds and being creative together, in real life! Additionally, Partners regularly go visit each other and work together when required or desired.

What is the most important traits you look for in a Partner?

Curiosity and Ownership.

What’s the meaning of life?

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Engineering At Invisible

We’re a global company, and we’re fully remote. As a result, we follow a modified scrum methodology that attempts to minimize the need for in-person, synchronous meetings as much as possible.
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Sales at Invisible

Our sales team helps customers around the world discover the value of Invisible, and relays their feedback so we can build an even stronger product.
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