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Harnessing AI’s potential is easier said than done

The demands of AI implementation require businesses to be everywhere at once.

Scaling human expertise

The complexity of amplifying human judgment across systems for effective AI is costly and makes maintaining quality at scale impossible.

AI won’t work for the enterprise without heavy investment in infrastructure and interoperability between systems that enable customized applications.

Evolving data landscapes and sophisticated adversarial threats make maintaining model accuracy and robustness increasingly complicated.


Humans are AI’s best-kept secret

The world's most innovative companies are launching AI products faster and accelerating their competitive edge with tailored solutions that scale human intuition.


Drive foundation model performance and reliability

Leverage our global network of advanced trainers to perform reinforcement learning and supervised fine-tuning tasks at scale that enhance model performance and accuracy.


Fine-tune AI for precise application

SMEs across domains, including PhDs, fine-tune an AI model specialized to your needs, creating demonstration data that supports applications from summarizing complex data to expert-level conversational AI.


Monitor models and mitigate hallucinations

Our continuous feedback loops for AI model optimization help refine performance, adapt to new data, and reinforce against adversarial threats and hallucinations.


Manage AI from end-to-end

Our agile platform supports end-to-end AI implementation, including complex data structuring, and ensuring that AI integrates with your tech stack, processes, and people.

Solutions engineered for AI precision

From intricate fine-tuning to sophisticated system integration, we make training and using AI simple.


Reinforcement Learning and SFT

Enhance foundation model performance and alignment with human values by utilizing reinforcement learning from human feedback (RLHF) and supervised fine-tuning (SFT) techniques.


Domain-specific Fine-tuning

Ensure your AI models are refined to deliver nuanced, industry-specific insights and actions by applying domain expertise.


Model chaining and integration

Create a cohesive workflow that integrates seamlessly with various enterprise systems by chaining multiple AI models for more complex tasks.


Adversarial training and Red Teaming

Test and improve model resilience against potential threats and biases by deploying adversarial training and red team exercises.


Retrieval Augmented Generation

Generate highly accurate and contextually relevant content from your datasets at scale with our specialized RAG capabilities.


AI “super brains”

Produce high-quality, comprehensive reports from varied and disparate sources that synthesize proprietary information to analyze trends, make projections, and support decision-making.

How we do it

Our Process Orchestration Platform combines scaleable human expertise with cutting-edge AI capabilities and comprehensive enterprise process knowledge to simplify, enhance, and manage the AI adoption journey for businesses.

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We’re committed to Responsible AI

Our goal is to transform our clients’ goals into reality through responsible and aligned AI development. To ensure we uphold the highest standards of ethical innovation, we stand behind these practices for responsible AI.

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Accountability and responsibility

Ensure clear accountability and responsibility in AI development and outcomes, in keeping with client goals. Combine rigorous internal policies for model application and training with collaboration on safety and potential harms to secure higher quality data, ensure trainer safety, and manage complex challenges effectively.


Ethical use and integrity

Develop and use AI applications in a manner that respects human rights, promoting the welfare of all individuals and a safe working environment. This includes the ethical sourcing and enrichment of data used to develop AI systems.


Transparency and explainbility

Maintain transparency through our AI practices and policies to improve and apply AI systems. Emphasize the careful management of high-quality inputs to align model outputs with an intended or assumed goal.


Fairness and non-discrimination

Assist clients in achieving their goals, while giving careful consideration to avoid mistreatment or discrimination.


Responsible partnership

Work with partners committed to responsible AI and human wellness, seeking those with a shared dedication to monitoring and evaluating AI applications while collaboratively adapting to challenges as they arise.


Privacy and data protection

Ensure high standards of data privacy and security, so that data utilized is collected, stored, and processed with the consent of all parties and in accordance with all relevant legal requirements.


Safety and reliability

Prioritize the safety and reliability of AI systems throughout their lifecycle, ensuring they perform as intended and are free from known vulnerabilities. Based on client objectives, implement practices that ensure safety for our trainers and maintain reliability through consistent, data-driven methods.


Collaboration and engagement

Collaborate actively with a diverse range of stakeholders to gather perspectives on ethical AI development and deployment. Aim to advance these principles together, aligning with partner goals for better understanding and cooperation.


Continuous learning and improvement

Foster a culture of continuous improvement and ethical innovation by encouraging an environment where sharing, learning, feedback, and the latest advancements in AI ethics are integrated into all aspects of our work.


Training and awareness

Provide training for all workers involved in the AI lifecycle on ethical AI principles, the responsible use of AI technologies, and the importance of following these guidelines. Training is regularly updated to reflect current ethical standards and practices.


Culture of compliance

Encourage a culture of openness where ethical considerations are discussed and there are clear processes to report issues.

Delivering return-on-AI across industries

We bridge the gap of AI’s potential and tangible outcomes for enterprises spanning these industries and more.

Our clients are harnessing AI's full potential

Learn how Invisible unlocks growth and scale for companies across a range of AI enablement use cases.


Launching a Leading LLM 6 Months Faster Helping a leading AI developer scale model capabilities and accelerate go-to-market by half a year.

Data safety shouldn’t be your problem

We provide enterprise-grade data security, privacy, and compliance so you can focus on the bigger fish.

Security and Compliance
Bulletproof your security

We take pride in being SOC 2 TYPE II, GDPR, and HIPAA-compliant so that you don’t have to be. With integrity at the heart of our robust security and compliance guidelines, all information and datasets are safe with us.

Security and Compliance
Control your access

Access should only be granted to the right people. Strict role-based and user-based access protocols will give you confidentiality, trust, and peace of mind.

Security and Compliance
Safeguard what matters

Compromising on confidentiality isn’t an option. We offer a secure environment for accessing and managing sensitive customer data through Amazon WorkSpaces and a dedicated desktop version of our application.

What we have to say

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