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AWS Technical Workshop: How to Fine-Tune & Host SLMs for Increased Accuracy & Efficiency

Join AWS and expert partners at this hands-on workshop for technology leaders looking to boost model performance while reducing costs.

Tuesday, August 6, 2024 | 10:00 AM - 3:00 PM EST

Amazon Office | JFK-27 Hank | 12 W 39th St, New York

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How can technology leaders navigate the complexity of fine-tuning AI models for improved performance while also balancing costs of training and deployment? Join this technical deep-dive with AI experts from AWS, data training experts from Invisible, and other leading innovators and customers who have deployed custom SLMs with great success. We will walk you through market trends, best practices, solution accelerators, and pre-built examples. You'll discover how to effortlessly fine-tune and host your own task-specific small language models (SLMs) like Llama or Mistral for increased accuracy and efficiency.

Why Attend?


Understand SLMs

Learn about small language models (SLMs), which typically have 100 million to 1 billion parameters, offering a compact yet powerful alternative to large language models (LLMs).


Maximize Accuracy

Discover how SLMs can outperform LLMs in task-specific generative AI applications.


Cost Efficiency

Save over 90% on inference costs, making SLMs ideal for heavy inference use-cases with reduced compute demand and increased accessibility.


Architectural Advancements

Explore the latest in data multi-tenancy with Adapters, ensuring robust data management and dynamic query routing.


Optimized Fine-Tuning

Gain insights into avoiding data over-fitting or under-fitting during fine-tuning, and understand the differences in benchmarks when fine-tuning.


Customer Experience

Learn how to improve generative AI customer questions and feedback experiences using data training techniques.

Exclusive Benefits


Personalized Guidance

You’ll get 1:1 workshop assistance with AWS and Invisible experts.


Enhanced Support

Access AWS-funded SI Partner engagement for data preparation and fine-tuning assistance.


AWS Credits

Receive AWS credits for workload migration and an additional $150K credits for AWS silicon users.


Post-Workshop Resources

Gain free access to solution accelerators and pre-built examples to implement immediately.


SLM Adoption Program

Learn about the AWS programs for SLM adoption, providing comprehensive support and resources.

About Invisible

Invisible is a guest speaker and sponsor for AWS Technical Workshop Event. Invisible powers world-leading AI firms and enterprises with best-in-class training data, offering expertise in AI training methods like RLHF and SFT, as well as advanced solutions for model improvement. Our fully managed expert teams, specialized tools, and continuous collaboration with AI researchers make us the trusted partner for AI innovators, guiding the industry’s future.


Amazon Office New York (JFK-27 Hank) 12 W 39th St, New York 13th Floor

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