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We don’t hire employees. We hire Partners—part-owners invested in building a world-changing business that’s 4x’d over the last few years.

What role could you play?
How do we compensate partners?

Impact global enterprises and shape entire industries

Here, your skills and creativity directly shape the future of global enterprises, fostering operations innovation.

Transform how companies are built and run

Led by our Partnership, we leverage transformative technology and a global workforce 2,000+ strong to remove strategic bottlenecks for our clients. In essence, we enable visionaries to achieve their strategic vision, uninhibited.

We are the human team training emerging AI models for the world’s most advanced companies and adapting them for optimal business performance.

Our impact spans industries. With our Process Orchestration Platform, we combine artificial and human intelligence to deliver efficiency, scale, and new operations capabilities to just about any vertical.


Invisible Partner Pay Model

Pay at Invisible is 100% transparent, with a compensation model designed for co-owners who care about building a next-generation business and generational wealth.

Partner pay design

Every Partner role fits into a tier, with salary, bonuses, and equity incentives standardized across each tier. As revenue grows, salary and bonuses do, too.

Value proposition

This model won’t appeal to all professionals. It’s designed for co-owners who align with long-term value creation, not those who want to maximize short-term take-home pay.

See the 2024 Partner Pay Model

Click below to see a more complete view of our Partner Pay Model and whether it’s aligned with your interests.

The Partnership ethos

Our Partners are part owners of a profitable business and are empowered to be the CEOs of their areas. Here’s what we expect of them.

Force multipliers for the partnership

Partners are uniquely driven professionals. Whether by lateral thinking or brute force, they solve problems, cut through ambiguity, and get outcomes that elevate the entire business.

Maximize long-term value with short-term impact

At Invisible, our Partners excel in crafting strategies that yield immediate results while paving the way for long-term prosperity. Each decision is a balance of now and the future, ensuring short-term successes are stepping stones to enduring achievements.

High output, low ego

Our performance thrives on the agility and creative problem-solving of our Partnership. Partners play the pivotal role of turning challenges into opportunities for growth, setting aside ego to deepen their commitment to our mission.

Driven by curiosity, dedicated to strategic execution

We believe insatiable curiosity fuels innovation. This is paired seamlessly with a commitment to strategic execution, ensuring our explorative ideas are transformed into impactful realities.

What you will work on

Businesses unlock potential when breaking down core processes into their atomic parts.

1. Advance AI frontiers

Dive into projects that place you at the cutting edge of AI development. We work with the leaders in AI model development, giving you the opportunity to craft AI-enabled, intelligent solutions that redefine industry norms and set new standards.

2. Push the boundaries of technology

Your role involves challenging the status quo and extending the reach of what technology can achieve. Don’t just follow trends—create them—as you push the boundaries of technological possibilities.

3. Craft operational strategies

In both your role, and for our clients, you’ll resist a traditional operating playbook. Develop and implement innovative operational strategies that transform traditional models into agile, efficient systems.

4. Create impact across industries

Engage in pioneering initiatives that introduce groundbreaking technologies and methodologies, influencing change and driving innovation across diverse sectors.

A new way to run your business

Learn why we're the Operations Innovation Company from our founder, Francis Pedraza.

Outcomes that Shape Entire Industries

Make innovative ideas come to life for the leaders shaping these industries.

The threads that tie us together

Your work doesn’t just solve problems; it shapes entire industries.


Commitment to exceptional talent

We trust in the transformative power of exceptional individuals, especially when given deeply aligned incentives and supporting environments.


Culture of excellence

Driven to succeed, our culture prioritizes excellence as the standard; surrounding you with the brightest minds and cutting-edge technology to enable your potential.


Vision and mission

Fueled by our vision, we leverage technology's endless capacity for the good of humanity. At the heart of this is our mission, breaking down work to unleash potential.


Entrepreneurial spirit

Entrepreneurs at heart, we’re resourceful, resilient, and result- oriented. Here bold ideas meet fearless execution and every challenge is seen as an opportunity.


Agile and adaptable

We champion independent thought and operate from first principles. Driven by our execution mindset we are built to move fast and urged to think differently.


Our values speak volumes

From ownership and alignment to service and partnership, our core values define who we are and how we approach work.

Your next Partners

Meet some of the co-owners driving our business forward.

Jay Kumar
VP of Growth
Lauren Zujkowski
Head of Operations
Adam Haney
VP of Engineering
Caspar Eliot
VP of Solutions Engineering
Bethany Bisone
Director of Operations
Victor Murillo
Operations Manager

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    Invisible has many exciting positions in Engineering, Finance Agency, Operations, Client Services Marketing & Growth
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We’re a remote-first company

There’s no office to go back to. We value the flexibility of remote work and connecting experiences from across the globe.

90+ countries

With team members across the world, we have a unique advantage of global perspectives to shape decision-making.

The digital nomad lifestyle is popular at Invisible, with flexible hours and teams across time zones.

Yearly offsites connect our global team and build stronger bonds, with recent trips to Barcelona and Punta Cana.


Invisible news and resources

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