Helping Getro Reach Cash-Flow Positivity

Enriching 100,000+ data points yearly to ensure best-in-class data quality for Getro.


Getro Leverages Intelligent Operations to Ensure Best-in-Class Data Quality

Our friends at Getro, a seed stage startup building the leading platform for making professional introductions, was featured in the Wall Street Journal at the start of the new year after achieving positive cash flow in spite of market headwinds. As part of this journey, Getro leveraged outsourcing and in-house automation to ensure best-in-class data quality, which is central to their product’s value proposition.

Invisible was a critical part of the equation.

Expert processes developed: 2

Job postings enriched yearly: 100,000+

Tasks QC'd: 100%

Problem: High-volume data enrichment

Getro helps over 700 elite Venture Capital (VC) firms and other professional networks share thousands of jobs from their portfolio, automatically. VCs share the names of their portfolio companies, Getro then aggregates all the jobs from within the portfolio and keeps them up to date automatically on the fund’s job board. While technology does the heavy lifting, finding around 1.5m jobs daily, job posts need to be quality controlled (QC) and enriched with critical information, for example, a role’s location.

Getro needed a partner to make sure the job posts displayed were complete and correct, and they turned to Invisible for help.

Solution: Expert process design

Invisible runs standardized daily processes for Getro to QC job boards and enrich job posts with key data points. These help to ensure Getro’s platform is up-to-date and able to connect talented people with jobs they’d love. Altogether, Invisible QCs or enriches hundreds of thousands of jobs per year.

Enrichment and Formatting of Job Descriptions with Location Data

Summary: Invisible operators receive a daily flow of job postings that need the role’s location data added, verified, and formatted for Getro’s platform.

Combining automation and people-led QC, we process job location tasks with Getro to ensure job posts are complete and accurate.

How it works: Process-building experts at Invisible broke the workflow down into repeatable, easily-followed steps.

  1. Invisible operators receive a batch of job posts daily to process for location data to be added by the end of the day.

  2. Operators validate location data if it is included with the information provided by Getro, or they add it if not.

  3. 100% of tasks are QC’d and logged in a tracking system.

Enrichment and QC of Job Descriptions with Correct URLs

Summary: For Getro to connect thousands of people with job openings, the platform has to understand where each VC portfolio company posts its open positions.

When a new company is added to the Getro platform, Invisible finds the URL that Getro needs, primarily with a people-driven approach.

How it works: Process-building experts at Invisible broke the workflow down into repeatable, easily-followed steps.

  1. Invisible operators log on to Getro’s internal platform to find a daily batch of companies missing careers webpages.

  2. Operators find the webpage where the company posts its open positions and enter it into Getro’s platform.

  3. 100% of tasks are QC’d and logged in a tracking system.

Result: Leaner operations for Getro

Invisible provided business value for Getro in two ways: by freeing up internal resources and cutting costs on high-volume, repetitive work.

Here is how Jess Powers, Business Operations Manager at Getro, describes our relationship:

“At the beginning of our relationship, Invisible spent time with us to truly understand our business needs and the problems we were trying to solve. They were able to take our feedback to build custom automations using both technology and people - freeing up internal capacity on our team for other work and taking on repetitive work at a reasonable and controllable cost.

We love the daily documentation and service they provide - especially the bi-weekly calls with our account manager that keep us in the loop on work performance and quality!”

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