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Empowering Growth Through Intelligent Solutions

Unlock new possibilities and elevate your business with our solution sets and proven industry experience



Recruit and onboard staff, integrate vendors, and structure your data to align with brand guidelines. Our comprehensive services ensure operational efficiency, brand consistency, and a superior customer experience from day one.


Growth Support

Handle merchant inquiries, engage merchants through targeted campaigns, and gain valuable insights with our market research and lead enrichment services. Maximize revenue by upselling existing services and expanding into new ones.



From Automated Catalog & SKU Enrichment to AI Imagery and Data Cleanup, our services streamline operations, enhance data accuracy, and maximize marketing effectiveness.


Customer Service Support

From dedicated account management to AI-powered chatbot and transcription services, and multi-channel support via email and WhatsApp, we ensure your customers receive timely, accurate, and personalized support.

Use Cases

From solving complex data problems to ensuring your ability to match supply with demand, our capabilities are designed to bring efficiency to your operations.

Vendor Onboarding and Updating

End-to-end support that turns clunky, traditionally manual onboarding into seamless, reliable, and compliant processes feeding into your platform.

Product Data Enrichment

Generative AI’s efficiency meets human precision to enrich product data descriptions and tags to increase search engine discoverability and the quality of your product listings.

Scalable Customer Support

Support every customer and engage every opportunity. Our fine-tuned AI solutions optimize response times and engagement quality simultaneously, as well as scalable human interaction complex inquiries.

Fine-Tuned AI for CX

Customize AI models, fine-tuned with human expertise, to personalize shopping experiences for customers, engage customer inquiries 24/7, and collect and analyze customer feedback.


Unlock new possibilities and elevate your business


Automated Menu Extraction

Effortlessly transform your menu updates into digital formats with our Automated Menu Extraction. Say goodbye to manual data entry and hello to seamless, real-time menu management.


Recruitment Pipeline Support

Streamline your hiring process with our Recruitment Pipeline Support. From candidate screening to onboarding, we ensure you get the right talent quickly and efficiently.


Catalog Data Tagging & Structuring

Unlock the power of organized data with our Catalog Data Tagging & Structuring. Enhance your inventory management, improve searchability, and boost sales with accurate, structured data.


Verification and Brand Compliance

Maintain your brand's integrity effortlessly with our Verification and Brand Compliance service. Ensure all your digital assets adhere to your brand standards with minimal effort.


Hardware Training

Equip your team with the knowledge they need through our comprehensive Hardware Training programs. Maximize the efficiency and longevity of your equipment with expert training.


Image Annotation

Enhance your visual data with precision through our Image Annotation services. Perfect for improving machine learning models, optimizing inventory management, and elevating customer experiences.


Activation Inbound Triage

Optimize your customer onboarding process with our Activation Inbound Triage. Ensure every inquiry is handled swiftly and accurately, turning potential customers into loyal clients.

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