Saving Nasdaq 10,000 Developer Hours

Implementing an integration solution that saved Nasdaq thousands of developer hours and supported a product launch.


Saving 10,000 Hours Through Seamless Interoperability

High volumes of unstructured and disparate caused friction when Nasdaq launched a new product. Through a strategic partnership, Invisible and Nasdaq streamlined data integration processes, significantly reducing customer onboarding times.

Onboarding times: -63%

Developer hours saved: 10,000+

Problem: Unstructured data

Nasdaq introduced a new product that came with a lengthy two-month onboarding cycle, primarily due to non-standardized data. This process consumed valuable engineering time and resulted in a subpar customer experience.

Solution: End-to-end interoperability

Invisible implemented a comprehensive integration solution, enabling seamless interoperability between diverse data platforms, and ensuring accuracy and reliability through stringent quality control measures.

Result: Thousands of hours saved

With our partnership, Nasdaq reduced onboarding times by 63%, saving over 10,000+ hours of engineers' time previously spent on non-engineering activities. The client was able to compete with incumbents by offering superior proprietary data for their 400,000+ clients.

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