Configurable solutions for back office efficiency

Mitigate risk and skyrocket efficiency with the power of AI-enabled human oversight for Insurance.

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Solutions in the market are holding Insurance back

Inefficiencies are everywhere in Insurance, caused by overwhelming data volumes, manual processes, and solutions that don’t scale.


Point solutions aren’t working

Cookie-cutter solutions aren’t cutting it when it comes to overcoming compliance and claims processing inefficiencies, and often threaten to increase risk.


Systems complicate data integration

Vast and disparate data ecosystems are leading to slower decision-making, with delays compounded by inflexible and siloed platforms.


Underwriting is too slow

Data analysis that is manual, resource-intensive, and slow is hindering effective underwriting that needs precision and pace.


Customers need personalized experiences

Customer expectations are at an all-time high, and legacy systems and outdated processes are preventing efficient, personalized experiences and satisfied customers.

A secret recipe we’re willing to share

What happens when you combine AI, automation, and a global operations team? Insurance excellence. Amplified by generative AI and hundreds of integrations, Invisible blends human intuition with automation-driven efficiency to mitigate risk, revolutionize manual processes, and drive the operational agility that’s key to successful transformation.

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Back office solutions for front office success

Enhance efficiency and manage risk with Insurance solutions that leverage the power of human-AI collaboration.

Optimize decision making

Quickly and accurately analyze claims and underwriting with a combination of GenAI and the human intuition only provided by expert operators.

Enhance back-office productivity, drive accuracy, and automate key tasks like policy renewals and customer data updates with seamless platform integrations.

Ensure safe and compliant operations with a comprehensive approach to risk assessment driven by powerful AI and human oversight.


Use cases

Human oversight, amplified by AI and automation, delivers new efficiencies to the back-office for Insurance.

Transform claims processing

Specialized AI tools automate claim evaluations, flagging complex cases for human review, to accurately process standard claims at speed while giving specialized attention to the claims that need it.

Enhance policy administration and renewals

AI-enabled processes on our platform analyze policy renewal dates, customer profiles, and risk assessments, automatically updating policies and sending renewal notifications to your customers.

Streamline underwriting

AI trained on historical claims, risk factors, and market trends rapidly assesses risk profiles, while our trained operators apply their expertise in precise decision-making to complex cases.

Optimize customer support

Fine-tuned AI engages customers with nuanced, helpful responses, and automatically escalates sensitive issues to experts, ensuring personalized and accurate support for every customer scenario 24/7.

Why insurance leaders trust Invisible

When it comes to operations, we help global insurance companies solve some of their biggest challenges.


Delivering a 10x ROI for a Renters Insurance Provider Deploying an expert payment dispute resolution process that 10x'd ROI in just one year.

Data safety shouldn’t be your problem

We provide enterprise-grade data security, privacy, and compliance so you can focus on the bigger fish.

Security and Compliance
Bulletproof your security

We take pride in being SOC 2 TYPE II, GDPR, and HIPAA-compliant so that you don’t have to be. With integrity at the heart of our robust security and compliance guidelines, all information and datasets are safe with us.

Security and Compliance
Control your access

Access should only be granted to the right people. Strict role-based and user-based access protocols will give you confidentiality, trust, and peace of mind.

Security and Compliance
Safeguard what matters

Compromising on confidentiality isn’t an option. We offer a secure environment for accessing and managing sensitive customer data through Amazon WorkSpaces and a dedicated desktop version of our application.

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