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Join operations leaders charting new frontiers for the world’s most innovative companies.

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Our Ethos

This work? It's monumental. We’re calling on the thinkers, the problem-solvers, the visionaries who seek more than just a job. If you’re drawn to meaningful challenges and eager to make a significant impact, you’re exactly where you need to be. Are you ready to join?

What Operations Management Means to Us

The most innovative companies rely on exceptional operations. Our Operations team delivers excellent outcomes in these three areas.

Client Management

Guide senior executives in some of the leading AI firms and Fortune 500 enterprises.

Utilize cutting-edge technology to create unparalleled efficiency and quality that solve the most complex challenges.

Lead a team with 95 different countries’ worth of bright minds, distinct skills, and diverse perspectives.


Make Disruptive Ideas Come to Life

Problem-solvers, innovators, and visionaries have a home at Invisible. The potential for people to deliver business outcomes has no limits when paired with cutting-edge technology and AI.

Train the World’s Best AI

Create human-in-the-loop training data for the world’s leading AI companies with domain experts in fields like medicine and finance on your team.

Support the Fortune 500 and Beyond

Build operational systems for innovators to truly innovate with access to brand-new AI models and applications that push the envelope.

Mobilize a Worldwide Team

Lead a team with perspectives unchained by borders to overcome operational challenges that no one else is solving.

Use a World-Class Platform

Leverage a process orchestration engine that brings your operations strategy to life with flexible integrations and a crystal-clear view of how your team is performing.

AI’s Best Kept Secret? Humans in the Loop.

We believe technology's potential is fully realized only with human oversight and intuition. Our global team demonstrates what happens when you harness human intelligence at scale.

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Your World-Class Team

Meet some of our Operations leaders, from top-tier strategists to innovators that deliver time and time again.

Jean-Paul Biondi
VP of Operations
Lauren Zujkowski
Head of Operations
Grace Matelich
Executive Director of Operations, AI Training
John Patricio
Director of Strategy, AI Training
Bethany Bisone
Director of Operations
Victor Murillo
Operations Manager

Deliver Outcomes that Shape Entire Industries

We’re the team behind companies on the leading-edge of innovation within these industries.

Support the World’s Greatest Innovators

We deliver outcomes for the companies changing the world as we know it.


Invisible Partner Pay Model

Pay at Invisible is 100% transparent, with a compensation model designed for co-owners building a next-generation business together.

Partner Pay Design

Every Partner role fits into a tier, with salary, bonuses, and equity incentives standardized across each tier. As revenue grows, salary and bonuses do, too.

Value Proposition

This model won’t appeal to all professionals. It’s designed for co-owners who align with long-term value creation, not those who want to maximize short-term take-home pay.

See the 2024 Partner Pay Model

Click here to see a more complete view of our Partner Pay Model and whether it’s aligned with your interests.

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