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The Invisible Blueprint

We're not just impacting an industry; we're reshaping the landscape of countless industries. Harnessing technology’s limitless power, we're elevating humanity, one innovation at a time.

The Future of Work is Waiting on You

Product teams and engineers are developing a platform that is redefining work for enterprises worldwide.

Redefine Work

Refine our process orchestration platform that automates rote work and mobilizes a labor marketplace to capture human intelligence at scale.

Work with the leading AI development firms, get access to the latest models that no one else has, and innovate new ways of using them.

Build with limitless flexibility. Our low-code/no-code platform takes the guardrails off integrations and the brakes off of ingenuity.


Meet the Edge of Innovation

Problem-solvers, innovators, and visionaries have a home at Invisible. We push the boundaries of technology to take the limits off of human potential.


Train Leading Foundation LLMs

Develop the platform used to create human-in-the-loop training data for the world’s leading AI companies.


Work with Cutting-Edge AI

Integrate the latest AI models in a deeply flexible platform to solve enterprise-scale business challenges.


Mobilize a Global Team

Solve marketplace problems to enable the future of labor for our globally distributed workforce.


Develop Critical Infrastructure

Build an event-driven process execution infrastructure that processes tens of millions of daily events for the most innovative companies in the world.

Your Next Team

Meet our Technology team, with backgrounds covering FAANG, startups, enterprise, and everywhere in between.

Scott Downes
Chief Technology Officer
Apurva Garware
Head of Product
Adam Haney
Head of Technology
Amanda Ibrahim
Program Manager
Caspar Eliot
VP of Solutions Engineering
Olivia Chiong
Senior Product Operations Manager

Support the World's Greatest Innovators

We deliver outcomes for the companies changing the world as we know it.


Driving Innovation that Shapes Entire Industries

Make innovative ideas come to life for the leaders in these industries and more.

Invisible Partner Pay Model

Pay at Invisible is 100% transparent, with a compensation model designed for co-owners building a next-generation business together.

Partner Pay Design

Every Partner role fits into a tier, with salary, bonuses, and equity incentives standardized across each tier. As revenue grows, salary and bonuses do, too.

Value Proposition

This model won’t appeal to all professionals. It’s designed for co-owners who align with long-term value creation, not those who want to maximize short-term take-home pay.

See the 2024 Partner Pay Model

Click here to see a more complete view of our Partner Pay Model and whether it’s aligned with your interests.

Open Technology Roles

    Invisible has many exciting positions in Engineering, Finance Agency, Operations, Client Services Marketing & Growth

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