Delivering a 10x ROI for a Renters Insurance Provider

Deploying an expert payment dispute resolution process that 10x'd ROI in just one year.


Optimizing Payment Dispute Resolution

In the competitive renters insurance market, an innovative provider was founded to empower renters with reliable and accessible insurance options. While demand grew, optimizing back-office operations to scale effectively without losing quality became paramount, especially in a payment dispute resolution process that had become increasingly complex and costly due to a rising caseload. 

The company partnered with Invisible to engineer and execute a standardized process for resolving payment disputes at scale. 

Custom automations: 2

ROI: 10x

Problem: Manual processes created a bottleneck

As the company grew, it was essential to handle more claims efficiently while maintaining a high win rate. The existing manual processes for payment dispute resolution weren’t sustainable, with internal resources unable to pivot between rising demand and disputes simultaneously.  The team was looking for a scalable, cost-effective solution without sacrificing the quality of service.

Solution: Process expertise and custom automation

Invisible experts redesigned the payment dispute resolution process and engineered two custom automations. The first automation refined the claims resolution process through rigorous end-to-end address validation to ensure accuracy at every step. 

The second enabled the efficient updating of user records and aimed to significantly reduce the frequency of payment disputes. When required, Invisible’s elite global team submitted evidence on the company’s behalf that payments were valid, including documents and communications between the company and its customers. 

Result: 10x ROI

The company’s frequency of reclaimed disputes skyrocketed and it achieved a 10x ROI in won disputes in only one year. The strategic move successfully decoupled the scaling of operations in the back office from increased costs. Realizing Invisible’s value across functions, the company turned to Invisible to support processes across 5 different departments.

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