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Bottlenecks in the Revenue Cycle Inhibit Patient Experiences

Administrative, manual work in RCM is distracting healthcare companies from what really matters: delivering care.


Data Volume Management

The exponential growth in patient data volumes threatens to undermine charge capture accuracy and increases the burden of data reconciliation, leading to revenue leakage and complicating financial clearance processes.


Regulatory Compliance Dynamics

As payer contracts evolve and reimbursement models become more complex, maintaining compliance with ever-changing healthcare regulations becomes a critical challenge, directly impacting revenue integrity.


Interoperability and Revenue Capture

Fragmented healthcare systems create obstacles to revenue capture, claims processing, and timely payer reimbursement, hindering the patients’ financial experiences.


Precision and Empathy in Patient Engagement

While technology streamlines scheduling and preliminary diagnostics, the challenge remains to balance technical precision with the need for empathetic patient engagement, ensuring efficiency without sacrificing the quality of care.

A Secret Recipe We’re Willing to Share

What happens when you combine AI, automation, and a global operations team? Improved patient care and service. Amplified by generative AI and hundreds of integrations, Invisible blends human expertise with automation-driven efficiency to remove those bottlenecks that legacy systems can’t.

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Optimizing the Back Office for Better Care and Compliance

Revolutionize how you operate and care for patients by harnessing the power of fine-tuned AI, seamless data integration, and robust compliance.

Enhanced Revenue Cycle Management

Leverage AI-driven processes to efficiently and accurately manage data in the revenue cycle and in complex processes like clinical trials, reducing your dependency on manual processes.

Our platform bridges the interoperability gap, offering flexible and robust integration solutions that guarantee smooth data exchange and interoperability across healthcare systems and platforms.

Medical experts tailor AI solutions to help you connect with your patients 24/7 and deliver a personalized, nuanced, and empathetic experience even when patient demand surges.


Use Cases

Transform the efficiency of your healthcare operations with these use cases and more.

Charge Capture and Claims Processing

Capitalize on AI-driven processes to identify billable services with precision, automatically capture charges, and manage claims to ensure accuracy and speed in billing, and increase revenue flow.

Interoperable Data Exchange

Securely streamline patient data integration from disparate sources with our AI-augmented, HIPAA-compliant global workforce that ensures data accuracy and regulatory compliance in every record.

Personalized Patient Communication and Scheduling

Deploy empathetic AI to automate patient communication, providing personalized interactions that adapt to patient needs and preferences to reduce no-show rates and elevate the patient experience.

Data Operations for Clinical Trials Screening

Empower clinical trial screening processes by automating patient record analysis with AI that classifies massive volumes of de-identified patient records and specialized teams that QA it.

Why Healthcare Leaders Trust Invisible

We help industry leaders, from payers to providers, manage data volumes and improve the patient experience.

Launching a Leading LLM 6 Months Faster

Helping a leading AI developer scale model capabilities and accelerate go-to-market by half a year.

Data Safety Shouldn’t Be Your Problem

We provide enterprise-grade data security, privacy, and compliance so you can focus on patients.

Security and Compliance
Bulletproof Your Security

We take pride in being SOC 2 TYPE II, GDPR, and HIPAA-compliant so that you don’t have to be. With integrity at the heart of our robust security and compliance guidelines, all information and datasets are safe with us.

Security and Compliance
Control Your Access

Access should only be granted to the right people. Strict role-based and user-based access protocols will give you confidentiality, trust, and peace of mind.

Security and Compliance
Safeguard What Matters

Compromising on confidentiality isn’t an option. We offer a secure environment for accessing and managing sensitive patient data through Amazon WorkSpaces and a dedicated desktop version of our application.

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